Q) Who will carry out my Neonnex® Solid Surfaces Installation?

The best thing for you is to contact one of authorised Neonnex® Solid Surfaces professional distributors / dealers or expert fabricator. They are highly trained concerning advice and processing of your Neonnex® Solid Surfaces solid surface material. Therefore, They are able to provide you the necessary level of information regarding installation of your work. You can rely upon them regarding guidelines / suggestions.

Q) After removal of dried on substances from certain sections of the surfaces by aggressive scouring or abrasive cleaning, or after removing scratches or other signs of wear and tear, can I give my solid surface the same finish that it had before?

When planning an installation made with Neonnex® Solid Surfaces solid surface, you should always take into consideration the respective surface finish, e.g. Matt, Satin or High Gloss, and ensure that it is appropriate for the intended application.

With regard to surfaces that are used for heavy duty purposes, and assuming that you want to take pleasure in the surface for many years to come, we recommend that you should take advantage of a consultation service, which is provided by professional dealers and expert fabricators from time to time. To find out exactly which are the most suitable colours, structures and last but not the least, which is the most appropriate Neonnex® Solid Surfaces finish for you to fulfil your respective requirements.

Thus a surface that is subjected to heavy duty use such as, a kitchen counter made of Neonnex® Solid Surfaces should not have a high gloss finish. It makes sense to install kitchen counters in finishes ranging from matt to -at the very most- satin finish, because a work surface or countertop has to be regularly cleaned with the aid of a scouring sponge. Standard scouring sponges (Scotch-Brite) available in shops everywhere, have exactly the same type of graining that the expert fabricator uses for the finish. Therefore each cleaning process automatically provides a new finish and the sheet always looks as good as new.

Initially there might be a small difference, because human cleaning motions, differ from the finishing motions performed by machines. However after performing 3-4 complete cleaning processes, each Neonnex® Solid Surfaces work surface has its own individual finish, which will always remain the same.

If significant repair work should become necessary, i.e. in which a section needs to be replaced, a Neonnex® Solid Surfaces fabricator will have to perform the respective work and will refurbish the entire surface area to the original finish.

Q) Does Neonnex® Solid Surfaces have any particular advantages in comparison with tiles?

As compared to Neonnex® Solid Surfaces the main disadvantage of Tiles is the porous grout seams, i.e. the inevitable growth of mildew / fungus or the black spores that easily forms in the grout seams between the tiles, especially in the bathroom and shower areas, which cannot be removed permanently by cleaning. Neonnex® Solid Surfaces allows the entire surface area to be installed without seams, even if decorative design elements are integrated, and because the product is non-porous mildew/ fungus and black spores cannot grow on the surface.